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I will meet with you & your spouse (or other parent if you're not married) together or separately, to explain the legal process, assist with legal forms & draft agreements that you're able to make. This will save you thousands of dollars you would otherwise spend hiring attorneys. Separating from each other doesn't mean you have to separate from your children. Parents are taught to come together to create a peaceful relationship for the sake of their children.

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Peaceful Resolutions for Your Family

When LOVE takes a painful turn, we are here to help you through the journey.

We help you find peaceful solutions to repair your family dynamic or create a new relationship apart that works better for your family. Save your money by not having to pay expensive attorneys.

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For the Sake of the Children MEDIATION SERVICES

After over 25 years dealing with contentious, high conflict legal custody battles, Attorney Angela Curtis-Quintero embarked on a journey to provide a COST-EFFECTIVE alternative solution to help families transition peacefully through the separation process & come to HEALTHY resolutions that will benefit their children for generations to come.  Seeing the physical, emotional & psychological damage that often results from drawn out legal battles, Angela decided that families need a better solution for their children than expensive, drawn out conflict that destroys everyone involved, so she has tailored her practice to helping families through their conflict to peaceful resolutions for all. We also offer reconciliation resources, if we think your relationship may be salvageable.

Children don't have a voice, so it's important that the parents who raise them make a conscious effort to put their CHILDREN'S feelings above their own.  We provide mediation services to help resolve your disagreements AT LOW COST so you don't have to incur $50,000 in Attorney fees to end up still feeling like you've LOST.  Affordable services are just a phone call away for you and your family. 

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