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When I embarked on the journey to become an Attorney, I entered this profession with the primary goal of helping people navigate through what I believed was, and still is, an extremely overwhelming & complicated system. Throughout the majority of my career as a Family Law Attorney, I have been fortunate to have built some great working relationships with other attorneys. The positive relationships have been beneficial to our clients, as we easily resolve issues that other attorneys would spend thousands of dollars fighting over, because we know the law and we are able to be reasonable.

What became the ugly reality of this business, however, are the vindictive attorneys or the ones who are in this business solely for their own benefit. Another harsh reality for many attorneys is the fact that we are running a business. Attorneys must run their businesses profitably in order to stay in business. In order to do that, we cannot help everyone for free or we wouldn't stay in business. There needs to be a balance. The Attorney needs to be paid, and the client needs to know when they're paying unnecessary fees. Unfortunately, I have seen a handful of attorneys who fight endlessly for their clients, until the client runs out of money or fails to pay their bills. This results in the attorney sometimes creating a complicated web of conflict that the client is left to navigate his/her way through alone. I've watched attorneys who rack up $50,000 in Attorney fees or more for a simple modification of child support, only to end up achieving a result that is far more costly to their clients than if the clients would've settled alone in the first place & kept the money in their own pockets!

I encourage you to hire an attorney to REVIEW any agreements that you enter into with your spouse prior to signing it, but I also warn you to balance the pros & cons of the attorney's advice with the overall outcome. I am here to help you distinguish the difference! A divorce does not need to be expensive for either party if each spouse is willing to be FAIR & REASONABLE. If your spouse is willing to meet with me, I can explain in an unbiased manner what each of you is legally entitled to and help you come to a resolution. Placing your lives, money & children into the hands of complete strangers will often yield results that neither party, nor their children, are happy with. Call 805-654-1292 today to maintain the control over your own finances & your own future!

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